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Albert Seveso is no stranger to being posted on Photojojo, but we seriously couldn’t pass up some of these photos from his new series!

This time, Albert used metallic inks with traces of glitter in them, creating a whole new look. 

Billowing Plumes of Metallic Ink Make for Amazing Photographs

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Italy-based digital artist, Stefano Bonazzi combines charcoal drawing, photo editing, and digital photography to produce his work, and his beautiful series, Smoke is one that deserves the most attention. His nude subjects seem to vanish into a veil of smoke from both ends of their bodies, creating mysterious and elegant shades of black, white, and grey around the human form. But the subjects never appear alarmed; they exist as if they know the inevitability of their fleeting time. They float and pose as they are turned to smoke.

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Julia Pinkham. D-Construction, 2012.


Julia Pinkham. D-Construction, 2012.